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All New Ultimate Street Sport Tire

Asymmetric tread pattern

A- Adopting Mound-Profile
For controlling the contact pressure of each block.
Balancing wet performance with the stability in the high speed area.
B- Two Straight Grooves
By locating 2 main straight grooves in the inside.
Enhance straight-line stability.And superior anti-hydroplaning.
C- High-rigidity Tread Rib
Locating 2 main grooves at inside, we realize the expansion of the contact area of the outside.
Delivering powerful cornering capability.
D- Straight Thin Groove
Locating a straight thin groove in the outside part where receive big pressure in the corner.
Enhance efficiently dissipate heat.Preventing time-drop.
All new Sport Compound. Specially Developed for A052.
Extreme Grip(Dry&Wet) MS Technology  Fuel Efficiency BluEarth Technology

Ultra High level combination of each technology.

Positioning Map & Target User

ADVAN A050 has several compounds which are fitted running distance or temperature range. We recommend A050 to the user who want to win the race seriously.

ADVAN A052 keeps both high driving performance and environmental performance at a high level.
The handling performance is excellent. As well as a Pro-driver, it is suitable for all people who want to enjoy motor sports.
Compared with ADVAN NEOVA AD08R, we recommend ADVAN A050 to more circuit-oriented user.

ADVAN AD08R is a street sport tire with aggressive pattern design. This is an almighty performance tire corresponding from street to circuit.Compared with ADVAN A052, we recommend ADVAN NEOVA AD08R to more street-oriented user.

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